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2 dead in Mexico quake

The quake was centred centred 126 kilometres north of Acapulco
The quake was centred centred 126 kilometres north of Acapulco

Staff writers

December 11, 2011 — A magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Mexico's Guerrero state Saturday, killing two people and causing panic in the capital.

A powerful earthquake slammed Mexico's southwestern state of Guerrero on Saturday.

Officials originally thought three people had been killed by falling debris, but that number was reduced to two after it was determined one of the vicitms did not die as a result of the quake. There has been no reports of widespread damage.

The quake struck near Iguala, 126 kilometres north of Acapulco, at a depth of 63 km.

While it wasn't powerful enough to trigger a tsunami, it was able to rattle buildings in Mexico City, 318 kilometres away.

Moments after the quake, people took to Twitter to provide first hand-accounts of the situation.

“[The] earthquake in Mexico [is] the worst I've felt ... in my 18 years,” said one user.

“It sounds as if every single car alarm has gone off,” said another from Mexico City.

Mexico City's mayor took to Twitter to reassure citizens that no major damage had been reported in the capital, although power was knocked out in some neighbourhoods.

In Acapulco, panicked tourists ran into the streets, but authorities said there were no injuries and no major structural damage reported in the popular resort area.

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