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Heavy Snow...A No Show

February 4, 2010 — Itís been a relatively mild and dry winter in southern Ontario and El Nino is part of the reason.

Itís another winter day without snow in southern Ontario and once again a storm sweeping in from the west on Friday will stay south of the border. Many are wondering where the typical signs of winter are hiding. Toronto in particular has seen less than half the usual amount of snow this winter then it usually does.

Thereís one way to explain why this is happening and thatís El Nino. Itís a term that refers to large scale global climate events that occur in the tropical Pacific Ocean. If the ocean current is warmer than normal, it can have a significant impact on air currents and weather worldwide.

The region has seen up-and-down temperatures for the majority of the winter and this week has been no exception. Toronto is feeling around seasonal temperatures for now, but theyíll begin to dip again just in time for the weekend.

Despite the cool down, the sun will shine for the majority of the weekend, which is perfect for all of the winter festivals taking place.

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