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Livin' it up: Vegas Style

Emily hanging out in front of the Tropicana
Emily hanging out in front of the Tropicana

Jill Colton, TWN Centre - staff writer

August 21, 2010 — To say that Emily Vukovic, The Weather Network's GTA morning show host, had a blast in Las Vegas would be an understatement.

Emily riding high in the helicopter over the Grand Canyon
Emily riding high in the helicopter over the Grand Canyon

Emily spent four days in Sin City with her husband and stayed at the opulent Wynn Las Vegas. “It was amazing, very luxurious, everything was high end and it had the nicest Casino on the strip --fairly new and clean, I would totally recommend staying there.” Wynn also boasts one of the hottest nightclubs in the world -- Tryst, and on any given night celebrity sightings can include everyone from Britney Spears to Paris Hilton. Emily says the club is spectacular, “it has something like a 100 ft. waterfall cascading in the middle of it.”

Nightclubs and casinos aside, Le Reve is presented exclusively at Wynn Las Vegas. The show includes performances in an intimate aqua theater-in-the-round and features aerial acrobatics, provocative choreography and artistic athleticism. It's choreographed by noneother than Maksim Chmerkovskiy, best known as one of the professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars. And FYI: Emily highly recommeds taking in a performance of Le Reve.

Like any other professional weathercaster, the weather was at the top of the list when choosing a vacation spot. This especially rings true for Emily, who lives by the motto, 'The hotter the better.' So for her, the Las Vegas heat proved to be a big selling factor. “It was hot and dry everyday, between 39 and 41 degrees, she says. When we visited the Grand Canyon, it was easily 45 with intense sun. It was so hot that your sweat almost evaporates, because it's a dry heat. And with the wind, it feels like a blow-dryer, because the air is so hot.”

Not one to just stay on the strip, Emily and her husband spent a day at the Grand Canyon and she says it was easily the highlight of the trip. “We took a helicopter tour over the Canyon and I got to sit up front by the pilot. We then went to the bottom and had a champagne picnic lunch.” The day trip really encompassed the spirit of Las Vegas, and one of the reasons Emily loves the city so much, “You can basically do whatever you want, I mean it's Sin City. If you've got the money, it's yours.”

Emily at the bottom of the Grand Canyon
Emily at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

While hanging out on the strip, Emily and her husband walked everywhere (“a rental car wasn't necessary”) and did a bit of gambling (“my husband likes Blackjack”). They also discovered the Premium Designer Outlet Stores. So if you're a die-hard shopper this location might be mecca for you, “You can find name brands from Prada and Coach to Burberry,” explains Emily.

Emily says that although she loved Las Vegas and would go back in a heartbeat, she felt that four days was more than enough time to have your sensory overload. However, she doesn't recommend it for children. “I saw a few families walking around, but it's not really a place for kids. It's probably best to do something more family-centered if you go, like plan a trip to the Grand Canyon.”

Emily's trip in a nutshell:

  • Where: Wynn Las Vegas
  • When: Early August
  • Favourite Sight: The Grand Canyon
  • Runner-Up: The Bellagio Fountains (“it's exactly like Ocean's 11)
  • Least Favourite Thing: Very crowded - high time for tourists
  • Tips: #1 - The airport has a very convenient shuttle -- Round trip costs $12 from the airport to the front door of your hotel. #2 - And make sure you visit all the hotels, because they're all themed, and very different.
  • Next time Around: #1 Visit Old Las Vegas. #2 - I would stay at the Venetian if I come back again, because it looks so much like Venice. The hotel looks exactly like Saint Mark's square.

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