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EPW 2009 - BC Provincial Emergency Program (PEP)

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

May 3, 2009 — Reporter Oga Nwobosi interviews Ian Cunnings from the BC Provincial Emergency Program about what makes BC more prone to natural disasters and PEP helps communities cope.3

According to Ian Cunnings, a PEP Senior Regional Manager, BC has 57 identifiable hazards ranging from earthquakes and wind storms to landslides and flooding.

BC's unique mountainous geography makes it more prone to natural disasters. Communities located at the bottom of steep terrain are more susceptible to landslides while communities located in river basins are at risk of flooding. When disaster strikes, the Provincial Emergency Program helps communities cope.

The Provincial Emergency Program is part of Emergency Management BC and their mandate is to support local governments during a natural disaster. Specifically, PEP will provide resources such as sandbags, generators, etc. to assist local authorities deal with emergency situations. Whenever a community activates its emergency plan, PEP sets up an operations centre to provide support.

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