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Tornado relief cheques for Essex County

Tornado damage on June 6
Tornado damage on June 6

Beverley Ann D'Cruz, staff writer

August 4, 2010 — As early as next week, financial assistance cheques could be made available to those affected by the June 6 tornadoes.

Most funds are being delivered for tree clean-up
Most funds are being delivered for tree clean-up

Residents in Essex County, Leamington and Kingsville are closer to getting compensated for uninsured losses caused by tornadoes that swept the through the areas on June 6.

According to Bruce Maycock, administrator of the Essex County Tornado Assistance Fund, financial aid for residents in Essex, Leamington and Kingsville could amount to $400,000. The fund has already been in the process of issuing cheques over the past three weeks.

Around 250 applications, mostly for tree clean-up, were received by the fund. Residents had until July 21 to apply for monetary assistance. They could now receive up to $2,000 per residence for clearing trees not covered by insurance.

Tree toppled in Leamington
Tree toppled in Leamington

Kingsville and Essex are slated to receive up to $100,000 for tornado damage and storm clean up. However, Leamington - where the tornado cut a seven-kilometre path - will get $400,000 from the provincial government in the form of special assistance grants. The tornado is believed to have cost the Leamington municipality an estimated $1 million.

Environment Canada said three tornadoes occurred on the morning of June 6. Two were located near Harrow and one in Leamington. So far there have been nine tornadoes that have touched down in Ontario over the summer.

With files from The Windsor Star

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