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Iceland's Main Airport Reopens

April 26, 2010 — After a three day closure at Iceland's main airport, the building has reopened its doors.

The same volcanic ash that caused travel chaos across much of Europe, stalled flights in Iceland over the weekend.

Keflavik Airport shut its doors on Friday after winds blew clouds of ash toward the capital. Unlike the prolonged affect it had on European flights, the airport was able to reopen on Monday.

Before this recent airport closure, Iceland has escaped many of the travel headaches felt in other parts of the world. The ash was originally blowing away from the island, and towards much of Europe.

However, now the airspace over Europe is almost completely free of ash, and that allowed airports in the UK, France and Germany to finally reopen. More than 100,000 flights were cancelled and it looks like airlines are on track to lose more than 2 billion dollars from this.

Scientists say the volcano is still spewing ash, but the plume is much smaller than it has been. It's also only drifting about 2.5km high, which isn't enough to reach jet streams and affect air travel.

Brian Flynn is a deputy at Eurocontrol. He says despite the improvements, they are still monitoring the ash situation closely.

“We have been using since the start and we're still continuing to use the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre's information on where there could possibly be any risk of volcanic ash,” says Flynn.

When it comes to fixing the backlog and getting thousands of travelers onto flights, passengers with current tickets are being given priority. Those who have been stranded are being told to either buy a new ticket or take their chances with old ones.

If you're flying to Europe or anywhere else around the world today, you can check the status of your flight with our Flight Tracker. It can be found under the Related Links section at the top of this page.

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