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Fall warm-up across southern Ontario

Warmer weather means fall fun!
Warmer weather means fall fun!

Jill Colton, staff writer

October 23, 2010 — Southern Ontario residents can put away their gloves for a few days because temperatures are on the rise with an impending warm front.

Mild conditions for Sunday.
Mild conditions for Sunday.

It's the kind of weather that would put a smile on anyone's face, especially at the end of October.

A low pressure system is stalling out over Ontario and as a result, the southern portion of the province will be locked into a mild temperature trend, explains Michelle Cassar, a meteorologist with The Weather Network.

Essentially this means that the mercury will be climbing, so you can unzip your coats and put away your toques for the time being. Saturday afternoon, forecasters are calling for a high of 16, while Sunday will also be comfortable. Keep in mind that rain is expected for areas north of cottage country and with the incoming low pressure system, southern Ontario will likely see scattered showers on Sunday.

Rain is in the forecast for Monday.
Rain is in the forecast for Monday.

The warmer conditions are a complete turn around from earlier on in the week, when a cold front sliced through the province, bringing wintery weather to the region. With the pattern change, cold air charged through, dropping temperatures to as low as zero degrees during the morning hours on Thursday.

Come Monday, milder temperatures will dominate but rain will also be in the forecast. The heavier bands of rain will impact areas like Sault Ste. Marie with up to 35 mm. Southern Ontario can expect anywhere from 5 to 10 mm of rain.

To stay up-to-date on your local forecast, click our Ontario Cities Index. You can also tune into The Weather Network on TV, where the National Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of every hour.

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