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Falling ice forces closure of Vancouver Seawall

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

January 5, 2011 — The Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver is closed after falling ice created hazardous conditions Wednesday.

Ice built up on Stanley Park Seawall
Ice built up on Stanley Park Seawall

Vancouver may not have seen any significant snowfall with the latest storm that moved in, but the recent cold temperatures helped ice build up on the steep cliff sections of the Stanley Park Seawall.

“Over the last cold spell we've had accumulations of ice and icicles on the cliff and it's about an inch or two thick and it's started to melt and in the process of melting we have ice falling on to the seawall,” says Guy Pottinger, Superintendent of Stanley Park Maintenance.

And as the ice begins to melt, it's posing a serious risk to those who walk, jog or cycle along the seawall.

On Wednesday, the Vancouver Parks Board decided to close a portion of the seawall between Prospect Point and Third Beach due to the hazardous conditions.

“This cliff area here is nowhere near as high as the Prospect Point area where you have a couple of hundred feet. Ice falling from that distance can definitely knock somebody out or even worse,” says Pottinger.

The Parks Board officials are hoping to clear the ice and have the section of the seawall re-opened by the weekend.

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