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Florida residents clean up after tornado

Damage from a tornado in South Florida
Damage from a tornado in South Florida

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

October 21, 2011 — Parts of the United States were hit with severe weather this week, courtesy of the same system that hammered eastern Canada.

At least 74 homes were damaged
At least 74 homes were damaged

The same system that brought damaging winds to Ontario and Quebec this week, along with flooding rain to Atlantic Canada, also brought severe weather to the United States this week.

On Tuesday night, a tornado touched down in south Florida. At least 74 homes were damaged in the communities of Sunrise and Plantation. Hundreds of trees were uprooted and thousands were left without electricity.

No serious injuries were reported, but damage is widespread.

The storm was confirmed as an EF-2 tornado with maximum winds around 120 km/h.

The rain associated with the system also led to flooding in Key West, Florida. Hundreds of miles to the northwest, powerful winds kicked up large waves along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Chicago.

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