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Flying south for the winter

Nicole Kallmeyer, staff writer

October 31, 2010 — As the season's first snowflakes start to fall around the country, many Canadians begin planning their temporary winter escapes.

Canadians cross the border to cut out the cold
Canadians cross the border to cut out the cold

A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors said Canadians purchase more property in U.S. sun belts states than anywhere else.

“After quite a few days of rain in a row people seem to get depressed and they can fly very easily to Phoenix and get to spend a few days in the sun and come back,” says realtor Diane Olson.

The strong Canadian dollar also influences Canucks' decision to seek sunnier days south of the border. By the time the mid-winter months hit, the migration is “non-stop” Olson says.

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