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Freak Storm Brings Snow To The Beach

March 8, 2010 — The French Mediterranean coast is usually know for its sunshine, but on Monday it was snow that had people talking.

It's a rare sight to see...a snow covered beach.

A freak storm hit southeastern France on the weekend bringing around 40 centimetres of snow to some areas. Palm trees are even sagging under the weight of the snow.

Residents are taking full advantage of this rare opportunity though. Several people were found sliding down hills on makeshift snowboards. Students are also enjoying a snow day.

Although there's lots of fun to be had, the heavy snow is causing several travel issues.

Yesterday, around 250 motorists were stranded after the snow completely covered and blocked roads. Some were even forced to stay in emergency shelters overnight. Air travel and rail services have also faced many delays and cancellations as well.

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