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Freezing fog makes for tricky morning commute in Winnipeg

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer
October 27, 2011 — Accidents were reported in parts of southern Manitoba Thursday morning, partly thanks to freezing fog.

A foggy morning on Portage Ave in Winnipeg, MB Thursday
A foggy morning on Portage Ave in Winnipeg, MB Thursday

It was a foggy start to the day in southern Manitoba Thursday, and the conditions are believed to have contributed to several traffic collisions.

Accidents were reported near Winnipeg on the Perimeter Highway, including one multi-vehicle pile-up. Poor visibility and slippery conditions also made for slow and dangerous road travel in other municipalities.

Freezing fog occurs when temperatures are below the freezing mark.

The foggy conditions have since cleared, but drivers are reminded to drive cautiously. Headlights and tailights should be on during that kind of weather.

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