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Freezing rain takes a toll on Manitoba roads

A backlog of transports on the Trans-Canada.
A backlog of transports on the Trans-Canada.

Jill Colton, staff writer

February 4, 2011 — A thick layer of ice coated roads and sidewalks across southern Manitoba during the overnight hours.

Freezing rain coats a window.
Freezing rain coats a window.

Freezing rain overnight proved to be a nightmare for motorists throughout southern Manitoba.

According to Tim Blazanovic, spokesperson for Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, crews were sanding and salting but they couldn't get to many roads before the morning rush.

The result was a mass of accidents and school closures.

“From a lot of different crews I've spoken to, there's vehicles in ditches all over the place.”

Many schools cancelled classes because of the inclement weather.

Highway 1, the Trans-Canada was closed for several hours west from Winnipeg to the Saskatchewan border due to icy conditions.

The shut down resulted in a lineup of vehicles almost a kilometre long, backed up by gates across the road. The highway has since reopened.

“The combination of warmer temperatures and then freezing on the ground surface were the perfect ingredients to cause the slick roads,” explains The Weather Network's Brian Dillon, a meteorologist.

Police said a number of collisions were reported around the city during the night. The most serious of which happened at Sturgeon Road just north of Saskatchewan Avenue. One man was rushed to the Health Sciences Centre in unstable condition.

The following highways have since reopened:

  • Highway #2 from Winnipeg to Elm Creek.
  • Highway #432 from Morden to Highway #23.
  • Highway #1 (West) from Winnipeg to Saskatchewan Border.
  • Highway #59 (South) From Winnipeg to St. Malo.
  • Highway #75 from Winnipeg to US Border.
  • Highway #6 from Highway #101 (North Perimeter) to Gypsumville.
  • Highway #10 from Highway #1 to Dauphin.
  • Highway #20 from Dauphin to Ochre River.
  • Highway #68 from St Rose du lac to Ebb and Flow.
  • Highway #3 from Winnipeg to Morden.
  • Highway #13 from Highway 1 to Carmen.
  • Highway #14 from Highway 75 to Highway 3.

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With files from CBC Manitoba

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