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Frosty patches for east and west

Frost is expected for parts of Alberta on Saturday evening
Frost is expected for parts of Alberta on Saturday evening

Jill Colton, staff writer

September 18, 2010 — Summer is quickly coming to a close, and the autumn weather is already making an early appearance for parts of the country.

Recent frosty morning in Newfoundland
Recent frosty morning in Newfoundland

Tuesday marks the first day of fall, but for parts of Alberta and Newfoundland, the signs of the impending season are expected to appear Saturday evening.

A special weather statement has been issued for Fort Francis, Rainy Lake, Atikokan, Upsala and Quetico, Alberta regarding the chance of expected frost patches this evening.

And that's not all. Another sign of the cooler season could be on the way. Calgary is currently sitting 10 degrees below seasonal, and with the high pressure, bringing the cooler air down, there's a chance the city could see wet snow on Sunday morning. Calgary and Fort McMurray already had a visit from Old Man Winter on Thursday, when flakes blanketed the ground.

Early frost can damage harvest crops.
Early frost can damage harvest crops.

Environment Canada says that the arctic ridge of high pressure that is currently located in Alberta will move eastward and lie across northern Minnesota into southern Manitoba tonight.

Meanwhile, a frost warning is in place for several cities and communities across Newfoundland, including St. John's and vicinity. The near freezing temperatures are expected to cause frost throughout low lying areas in central and eastern Newfoundland.

Both regions will likely see frost patches for several reasons. “Because of the high pressure, clear skies during the night and almost no wind, the ground cools down quicker and the result is frost patches,” explains Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network.

This isn't the first time parts of Canada have seen frost over the late summer this year. Bouts of frosty patches were reported throughout the Prairies, which is a concern for farmers. Over the past few months, heavy rains have drenched fields, significantly affecting crop production.

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