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Goodbye snow, hello spring flowers

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

April 6, 2011 — Now that spring's in the air, it's a perfect time for gardening enthusiasts to partake in their favourite outdoor activity.

A picturesque garden
A picturesque garden

Gardening can potentially be a highly rewarding experience. Not only do you get to see your favourite flowers and plants blossom, you also get great exercise while doing it.

But, gardening aside, one of the trickiest things is knowing how to plan out and design your garden. Colour coordination and proper placement of plants and flowers can be crucial to achieving a desired aesthetic feel. Ellen Ruddick, a landscape designer, has great tips for gardening lovers.

“If you are looking for an exciting garden, a place you want to entertain, then you are going to look for lots of colour, because you want to create that vibrant feel,” says Ruddick.

Spring's in the air
Spring's in the air

Gardening and landscaping specialists says it's good to strike a balance between your own personal taste and expert opinion. And, a little of bit of research does not harm either.

“Orange and blue are great complimentary colours and so are reds and greens,” Ruddick goes on to add.

If you're in the mood to procure a more relaxing mood in your garden, you should choose plants in a slightly different way.

“Just go on the same side of the colour wheel where the colours blend together,” says Ruddick.

Planning of how your garden will look should always come first. The next step is planting, but you shouldn't rush into it.

“You should wait till after the last frost, ” advises Ruddick.

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