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Greece Buried In Yellow Sand

February 20, 2010 — An African sand storm buries Athens and the Acropolis under thick, yellow fog.

On Saturday, a sand storm from the Saharan desert brushed through Greece and buried the capital.

The yellow sand was dense enough in Athens to completely block out the sun. The sky disappeared under a blanket of haze, reducing much of the visibility.

This phenomenon occurs when winds carry sand clouds from the African continent to Greece.

Residents are being warned of the increased risk of respiratory problems in the event of a sandstorm.

And it's not wonder.

Temperatures in Athens reached 20 degrees on Saturday, so combine that with the sand, and the end result is a thick atmosphere to say the least.

This is not an usual event for the area, but storms like this don't typically occur until late spring.

This particular storm is expected to last until Sunday.

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