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Canada Post goes green

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

April 5, 2011 — Canada Post is paving the way in being green by adding a wide range of alternative technologies to its fleet.

Canada Post has taken a major green initiative
Canada Post has taken a major green initiative

Canada Post has set an example in being green. The organization just acquired four all-electric trucks to its current fleet of vehicles. Its aim is to be efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Part of our environmental commitment is to evaluate and proceed with alternate fuel technologies that will offer us a return on investment,” says Deepak Chopra, Canada Post President and CEO in a media release. “We take pride in our efforts to deliver to our customers in an environmentally responsible way.”

These trucks can reduce emissions by as much as 10 tons annually. They have a range of 160 kilometres per charge and can be fully recharged within 6 to 8 hours.

With Canada Post having the largest numbers of vehicles in the country, the company only hopes to maximize on electric vehicles and add more to its fleet in the upcoming years. The trucks will be on the roads as early as this month.

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