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Grey Cup battle in Edmonton cold

A Canadian tradition
A Canadian tradition

Lisa Varano, staff writer

November 28, 2010 — Canadian Football League fans bundled up and descended on Edmonton for a frigid Grey Cup championship game.

Als and Riders meet again at the Grey Cup
Als and Riders meet again at the Grey Cup

Canadian football players are used to playing in the cold. But even by their standards, the Grey Cup game in Edmonton fell on a frigid day.

Temperatures were expected to be around -5 to -10 C during the game between the Montreal Alouettes and Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday afternoon and evening.

But it could have been even colder. Just last week, temperatures were around -30C in Edmonton.

The CFL players said they were ready to battle it out, no matter how cold it got. Players from both the Als and the Riders were doing their best to stay warm by wearing sweatsuits under their uniforms during Saturday's walkthrough sessions. Heaters were placed by the team benches to give players a chance to warm up.

Prairie snow forecast
Prairie snow forecast

In the stands at Commonwealth Stadium, an estimated 60,000 fans were eager to cheer on the game. Approximately 200,000 fans in total flooded Edmonton.

Flurries fell in Edmonton on Sunday afternoon but tapered off in the lead-up to the kickoff at 4 p.m. local time. Recent heavy snowfall had coated the stadium, but temporary labourers were called in to clear it all away.

Snow was in the forecast Sunday night in other parts of the Prairies, particularly in southern areas. The Prairie provinces are experiencing below-seasonal temperatures and that will continue on Monday in places like Edmonton, Calgary and Regina.

In the end, the Montreal Alouettes were victorious, beating the Saskatchewan Roughriders by a score of 21 - 18.

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