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Grouse Mountain aiming to be open Canada Day

Enjoying spring skiing at Grouse Mountain
Enjoying spring skiing at Grouse Mountain

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

May 17, 2011 — Skiers and snowboarders at Grouse Mountain could still be hitting the slopes on July 1.

Grouse Mountain officials are hoping to keep the slopes open on weekends until July 1
Grouse Mountain officials are hoping to keep the slopes open on weekends until July 1

While many people in Vancouver will celebrate this year's Canada Day in parks, beaches and backyards, officials at Grouse Mountain are hoping that others will be hitting the slopes.

“We've had such a spectacular season at Grouse, with record snowfall,” says Sarah Lusk, Public Relations Manager at Grouse Mountain. “We have tons of snow left, and basically we're going to let people enjoy it!”

The resort is aiming to remain open for skiing and snowboarding on weekends until July 1. Lusk says that there is still about 600 cm of snow at the peak, and about 463 cm at the depth of the plateau.

“This is the most amount of snow in our records, which go back 10 years, that we've had at this time of year,” Lusk explains. “Most people that have worked on the mountain for quite a few years compare this year to 1999, where we believe we were actually skiing on Canada Day, as well.”

About 990 cm of snow fell on Grouse Mountain this season. The resort only made about 93 cm of snow.

“This is not typical for Grouse by any means!” says Lusk. “It's been an unseasonal winter in Vancouver and you know it's all anyone can talk about - how grey it is and how much it's continuing to rain. But the rain down below means snow up top!”

The slopes on Grouse Mountain usually close up around the end of April. Officials will re-assess the slopes in the coming weeks, but are aiming to remain open until Canada Day.

With files from Jill Colton

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