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Ontario storms drop hail

Hail covers the lawn in Guelph, ON
Hail covers the lawn in Guelph, ON

Lisa Varano, staff writer

July 11, 2010 — Skies suddenly darkened as severe thunderstorms fired up in southern Ontario on Sunday afternoon.

Pea-sized hail gets scooped up
Pea-sized hail gets scooped up

A picture-perfect Saturday in southern Ontario gave way to a stormy Sunday. Our StormLine (1-800-463-9463) and Facebook page were quickly flooded with reports of torrential rain, constant lightning, and powerful wind gusts.

Many calls, comments and viewer photos came from Guelph, where there was enough hail to cover the lawn in some neighbourhoods. Other severe cells popped up in Wasaga Beach, Barrie and Ingersoll.

What caused the rapid switch from gorgeous to gloomy? The air was warm because of the sunshine and daytime heating. Then it collided with cool air as breezes converged off the Great Lakes, triggering the thunderstorms, explains Weather Network meteorologist Michelle Cassar.

A good soaking to keep the garden green
A good soaking to keep the garden green

A severe thunderstorm watch covered most of southern Ontario. Storms moved quickly though some areas, and the sunshine was pushing through the clouds soon after the downpours. Drivers reported low visibility on the roads at times. A funnel cloud was spotted near Cawthra Road in Mississagua.

If you're wondering if you should pack an umbrella this week, let us help you plan ahead. Tune into The Weather Network on TV to find out what's happening in your area.

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