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Hamilton woman pulled from flooded car

One car was completely submerged in water Tuesday
One car was completely submerged in water Tuesday

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

September 29, 2010 — Heavy rain flooded parts of Hamilton, Ontario Tuesday, trapping one female driver in her car.

Emergency crews smashed the windows to pull the victim from her car
Emergency crews smashed the windows to pull the victim from her car

A low pressure system rolled into Ontario Monday, bringing widespread rain across the region.

The city of Hamilton in particular saw one of the most impressive totals with over 40 mm of rain recorded. That was enough to flood several areas in the east end of the city forcing numerous roads to be shut down.

On Tuesday morning, emergency workers were called to the flooded Kenilworth underpass after a woman's car sank in the rising waters. She called for help on her cell phone and paramedics arrived just in time as the car was nearly completely filled with water.

They were able to smash the windows, pull the victim from the driver's seat and swim back to safety. Police officials on the scene say they've never seen flood waters in the area so deep.

Kenilworth underpass in Hamilton completely flooded
Kenilworth underpass in Hamilton completely flooded

And it wasn't just the roads that faced damage.

Several homeowners have reported flooded basements after the water seeped in. Residents add this isn't the first time they've experienced flooding in their homes this year.

Dan McKinnon is part of the public works department with the City of Hamilton and says these more frequent rain events are giving the older sewage systems a hard time keeping up.

“Homeowners at the lot level or the local level can put back water valves on their sewers. That's a very effective means of protecting your basement from flooding,” says McKinnon.

He adds that since the lower east end seems to get hit the worst, the city is putting in larger storm sewers and is developing a different operating strategy that can handle these heavy downpours.

For the latest details on the weather in your area, head to the Ontario Cities Index.

You can also check out the 2010 Fall Outlook for an idea of how much rain you can expect this season.

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