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Hawaii travel tips!

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

TWN's Paula

September 26, 2010 — Superstar producer and editor at The Weather Network, Paula, recently took a relaxing vacation to Oahu, Hawaii. Here's some travel tips she recommends if you ever take a trip to the Aloha State.

Turtle love on the beach
Turtle love on the beach


  • 10) Pineapple. best.ever.ever.ever.
  • 9) Longboard beer...local, Hawaiian beer.(or bud light & lime)
  • 8) Snorkle, sail, surf---whatever it takes to get you out on that something you haven't done before!
  • 7) KONA COFFEE!!! Do NOT waste your time at Fivebucks...local small chain & even small grocers all sell Kona, and the flavour....mmmmmmmm
  • 6) Don't waste your time at the beach...explore - there are lots of cheap, moderate and expensive excursions you can go on.
  • 5) I know everyone knows this - trust me, I work at The Weather Network & we say it all the time. SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN! YOU will still leave with a tan - trust me...I've been there.
  • 4) You have GOT to see those turtles! They are so amazing!
  • 3) SEAFOOD! Even if you don't like it...Hawaii is not known for having really great restaurants - so TRY the is unbelievable!
  • 2) Try the poi! Don't know what that is?.....just wait. TRY it.
  • 1) don't bring a sweater - you will not need it, not at night, not during the day. ONLY bring one if you plan on going to high elevations. Even then - you probably only need a long sleeve shirt. And it just takes up way too much space in your luggage! You will have room for the extra pair of shoes! :)

Sunset on the beach, Oahu
Sunset on the beach, Oahu

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