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Heavy rain washes out U.S. Open

Rachel Telford, staff writer
September 9, 2011 — The remnants from Tropical Storm Lee have left tennis fans in New York extremely disappointed.

Heavy rain washes out games at the U.S. Open
Heavy rain washes out games at the U.S. Open

Rain delays have made this year's U.S. Open a wash out. The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee have brought nearly 150 mm of rain to New York.

“From a hard court perspective at the U.S. Open, I mean if it rains within 15 to 30 seconds they will call the match,” said Gary Muller, Tennis Director with the Ontario Racquet Club.

No matches were played on Tuesday and the tennis tournament was called off on Wednesday after just 15 minutes. The weather has frustrated athletes and disappointed tennis fans.

“Here to see the match start, kind of get into it and then for them to take a break like that, it's kind of a buzz kill,” said one fan in New York.

Officials say a wet court can injure the player
Officials say a wet court can injure the player

When the court is wet however, it's too dangerous for the professionals to play.

“When you drop the ball short, a lot of the guys are actually sliding on the hard court itself. Now with the court slightly damp, a guy like Nadal is somebody who is unbelievably physical as are all the guys, you can get badly injured,” explains Muller.

The rain can also affect the player's ability to hit the tennis ball.

“The balls do get wet and therefore they get heavier and they fluff up so for the guys that need the three points and the serve it makes it a little bit more difficult.”

Muller adds that sometimes a rain delay can be the turning point of the game.

“They can take three or four hours to either eat and replenish the fluids that they lost to be able to get ready for the first set and if it didn't rain they would have really struggled to maintain the level that they have been playing at.”

With improved weather over the weekend, the men's final is scheduled for Monday.

As remnants from Lee continue to flood the U.S., forecasters are busy tracking three tropical systems in the Atlantic. Hurricane Katia, Tropical Storm Maria and Tropical Storm Nate are all churning out at sea.

Stay updated on the current storms in both the Atlantic and Pacific by heading to the Tropical Storm Centre

You can also tune in to The Weather Network on TV for up-to-date coverage on the tropical activity.

With files from Andrea Stockton

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