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Mounding snow creating safety concerns on P.E.I.

High snowbanks can make it difficult to see civic address signs
High snowbanks can make it difficult to see civic address signs

Matt Casey, staff writer

February 8, 2011 — All of this winter's heavy snow is really starting to pile up in many Atlantic Canadian communities.

Snowbanks are also building up in Moncton, N.B.
Snowbanks are also building up in Moncton, N.B.

There is no doubt that this Winter has been harsh for people in Atlantic Canada. As heavy snow continues to pile up in cities like Moncton and Charlottetown it is creating dangerous situations for some communities. In Charlottetown, Public Works officials are concerned over the increasing height of snowbanks at intersections.

When snowbanks reduce the visibility of oncoming traffic, drivers tend to inch further out into the intersection to get a better view, icreasing the risk of a collision and this has city officials concerned. If snowbanks continue to get higher, officials say the city will start cutting down the tops of the banks to increase the field of view for drivers. However, this could put more pressure on the city's already stretched snow budget.

Another concern arising from the copious amounts of snow comes from emergency responders on the island. Growing mounds of snow are obstructing some civic address signs on homes making it difficult for first responders to locate a home during an emergency call.

Residents are advised to keep address signs clear of snow as well as walkways, front and back doors to allow emergency crews access to the home in an emergency.

The city of Moncton, New Brunswick is also dealing with intense amounts of snow that have led to roof collapses.

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With files from CBC

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