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Heavy snow leads to roof collapse in New Brunswick

Jill Colton, staff writer

February 8, 2011 — An abundance of heavy snow accumulated from a series of fierce storms has caused serious damage to a building in southern New Brunswick.

Police have taped off the building for safety reasons.
Police have taped off the building for safety reasons.

For the second time in a few weeks, considerable snowfall has crushed a roof in New Brunswick.

The partial roof collapse happened at the Moncton Headstart building at 1111 Mountain Road over the weekend.

On Saturday, another storm rolled across the Maritimes, giving way to 22 cm of snow for the city. Nearly 250 cm of snow has cumulated across Moncton so far this winter.

It's been determined that no one was inside the building at the time. Police have cordoned off the area to keep people out.

The building is home to activities including adult literacy classes and children's programs. The entire establishment will be closed until experts determine whether it's safe to go inside.

Piling snow has been a struggle across the region this winter.

The community centre in Notre-Dame, N.B. succumbed weeks ago because of the ample mounds.

Concern is mounting across communities. There's so much snow, officials don't know where to put it. Crews are being pushed to the brink. They're struggling to keep up as there's barely any down time between storms.

The city is also at risk of exceeding their annual $5 million budget for plowing.

People in Halifax are being warned to shovel snow on their property or pay a fine if they don't contribute.

With files from Moncton Times and Transcript

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