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Heavy snow prompts school closures in Newfoundland

January 21, 2012 — Heavy snow and strong winds are leading to treacherous road conditions in Newfoundland.

Additional snow forecast through Sunday
Additional snow forecast through Sunday

Schools in St. John's were closed on Friday as heavy snow piled up in the area.

“By the early morning hours on Friday, 15 cm of snow had already accumulated in St. John's,” says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. “And with blowing winds, visibility is near zero and conditions on the roads are extremely dangerous.”

The storm reduced visibility on roadways and caused the cancellation of several flights at St. John's airport.

On Friday morning, a low pressure system tracked through Newfoundland - bringing heavy snow and high winds. Gusts of up to 118 km/h were recorded in Cape Race and St. John's received 25 cm of snow before the system moved out to sea Friday evening. An additional 5 to 15 cm of snow is expected to fall across the region on Sunday.

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