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Helping the homeless survive winter

Rachel Schoutsen, staff writer
January 21, 2012 — Project Winter Survival reached out to the Greater Toronto Area this weekend and provided the homeless with survial kits.

The GTA has seen its share of cold temperatures this winter. When the thermometer dips as low as -10C, or even -20C, the homeless are always a concern.

Project Winter Survival is reaching out to the homeless in the area and supplying kits to help them withstand the Canadian cold. They have handed out 3,100 to the homeless, each one valued at $165.00, containing essential items such as: gloves, scarves and even sleeping bags. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other volunteer groups helped prepare and deliver the survival packs.

Providing warmth is the main concern, since frostbite is common this time of year, and it targets the ears, nose, jaw, hands and feet. Temperatures in the GTA this week will be mostly in the negatives, so the distribution came at the right time.

Project Winter Survival has been in action for twelve years and has been the reason why many homeless Canadians have survived the frigid cold and extreme snowstorms.

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