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Highway chaos in Quebec

Heavy snow lead to poor visibilities on the road
Heavy snow lead to poor visibilities on the road

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

February 2, 2011 — Wednesday's storm caught motorists in Quebec off guard and multiple pile-ups were reported.

Bus involved in the 70 vehicle pile-up
Bus involved in the 70 vehicle pile-up

A large winter storm that has affected parts of southern Ontario and the Atlantic provinces has left its mark in Quebec as well.

The combination of blowing snow and black ice in the Montreal area is said to be the cause of multiple mash ups on the roads. Three chain-reaction highway accidents occurred in the region throughout the day Wednesday.

Extra provincial police in Quebec were called in to deal with the biggest pile-up east of Montreal. Around 70 vehicles were involved, including 30 tractor-trailers and a school bus. The wreckage stretched along nearly 2 km of the eastbound Highway near Ste. Julie. The area was closed off for at least six hours and there were three reports of minor injuries.

A pile-up with about 30 vehicles was reported north of the city as well. And on that same highway, another multi-vehicle pile-up took place involving 10 vehicles.

While police officials are used to motorists being caught off guard when a severe storm blows through, some say, seeing several pile-ups all in one day is a bit out of the ordinary.

Although it was a messy day on the roads, some residents made light of the storm and chose to embrace the snow.

“This week I took a week of vacation and I'm going to go to Montreal, so I like the snow yes,” said one man we caught up with. And another resident is already bracing for the clean-up. “We'll probably have to clean up the snow on my terrace at some point, but so far there's been no complications.”

An additional 5 to 10 cm of snow is possible for parts of the province Wednesday night before conditions begin to improve through the overnight hours.

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