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Stormy and humid Ontario weekend

The sun tries to peek out from behind the clouds in cottage country.
The sun tries to peek out from behind the clouds in cottage country.

Jill Colton, staff writer

August 14, 2010 — It's a hot and sticky weekend across southern, central and northeastern Ontario. The conditions are ideal for pop-up thunderstorms.

Enjoying the hot weather on a cool lake in Gravenhurst, ON.
Enjoying the hot weather on a cool lake in Gravenhurst, ON.

Residents across a large part of Ontario are baking in the heat again this weekend.

On Saturday, as the heat and humidity raged on, thunderstorms fired up, and were expected to continue into the overnight hours. An isolated cell with rotation produced a tornado warning for the Hanover and Owen Sound areas on Saturday evening. A short time earlier in Sault Ste. Marie, a funnel cloud was spotted.

“Manitoba's cold front is tracking into Ontario and this is what's bringing the rain. Daytime heating mixed with energy and the cold front could then produce thunderstorms,” says Weather Network meteorologist Christina Huang.

Not only are temperatures up in the high 20's, but the uncomfortable humidity is also here in full force. “It's all due to the warm, tropical air mass that's sweeping through,” explains Huang.

Thunderstorm risk for Saturday.
Thunderstorm risk for Saturday.

A humidex advisory remains in effect for the Windsor, Chatham and Essex County area. The sweltering heat isn't anything new for residents. On Friday, humidity values were equally powerful in some areas. Windsor felt closer to 40 and Sarnia was resting at 37.

Come Sunday, the low will keep the thundershowers in place, but the increasing humidity in southern Ontario will be another big story. Get ready to sweat if you're in Toronto, because it's expected to feel closer to the forties. The rise in muggy air could prompt a humidex advisory for the city.

So what is creating this intense bout of sweltering air? “With the low coming in, the air mass has lots of moisture, which will bring in even more dense humidity,” notes Huang.

For the latest forecast details, check the Ontario Cities Index or tune into The Weather Network on TV. Your local forecast comes up every 10 minutes on the 10's.

With files from Lisa Varano

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