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Dry weather sparks fire in Saskatchewan

Hilary Hagerman, staff writer
September 29, 2011 — Homes in North Battleford were evacuated Wednesday because of a grass fire.

Smoke pours across a field
Smoke pours across a field

Some homes in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, were evacuated Wednesday after a grass fire broke out in a farmer's field.

The fire started around noon on the northeast edge of the city -- just metres from houses in the Killdeer neighbourhood.

RCMP asked several residents in the area to leave.

One resident who lives 50 metres from the field where the fire was burning said the situation could have been worse. He said that if the winds were blowing northeast, the fire could have taken out a good chunk of the town.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. However, dry conditions that are prime for fires have plagued the city for weeks.

“North Battleford usually gets 32 mm of rain in September, and so far they've gotten none,” said Rob Davis, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

But, residents of North Battleford should be getting some relief soon. A cold front will push through this weekend and should bring rain. “North Battleford can expect about 10 mm of rain,” Davis said. “That should help alleviate dry conditions.”

With files from CBC

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