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Heavy rain floods Newfoundland

Click to see photos and videos from the impact of Igor
Click to see photos and videos from the impact of Igor

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

September 21, 2010 — Igor is bringing flooding rains and damaging winds to areas in Atlantic Canada.

Over 200 mm has fallen in some places
Over 200 mm has fallen in some places

Hurricane Igor is one of four major hurricanes so far this year. Forecasters were predicting an active season with four to six of the hurricanes becoming major storms. Danielle, Earl, Karl and Igor have all gained Category 3 strength in the Atlantic at some point this season.

Two of these storms have already had an impact on Canadian shores as well. Earl brought heavy rains and damaging winds to the Maritime provinces and now Igor has its sights set on Newfoundland. It's still a Category 1 storm with its outer bands affecting the island.

The Weather Network's Chris Scott says Igor will be especially powerful as it teams up with a cold front.

“We're seeing just the right interaction between the tropical system and a cold front swinging down from the northwest, which will actually intensify the system and turn it into a monster of an Atlantic storm,” explains Scott.

And many areas are facing those monstrous conditions already. Here's a look at just some of the feedback we've received from our Facebook Weather Fans:

  • “I live in Eastport, Bonavista Bay and the wind is high and the rain is coming down in sheets,” -- Glenda
  • “Heavy rains and high winds in Grand Bank, flooding and pounding surf,” -- Shirley
  • “Heavy rains here in Bonavista right now and the wind has just picked up quite a bit,” -- Rod
  • “I live in Elliott's Cove Random Island, we have major flooding in our front and back yard,” --Nadine
  • “In St.John's the wind is starting to pick up...and water is coming in through the windows,” -- Emily.

    Flooding in Clarenville, Newfoundland Tuesday
    Flooding in Clarenville, Newfoundland Tuesday

    There have also been reports of power outages, road closures and flight cancellations.

    To report what's happening in your area, you can call our Stormline at 1-800-463-9463, join our Facebook or Twitter page, or upload your photos and videos to our Your Weather Gallery.

    You can also stay up-to-date on Igor's current status by tuning into The Weather Network on TV for live, all day coverage.

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