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Hurricane Igor's name is retired

Ian and Tobias will replace Igor and Tomas
Ian and Tobias will replace Igor and Tomas

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

March 17, 2011 — Two tropical cyclone names were retired because of the deaths and destruction they caused in 2010.

Igor flooded several homes and destroyed roads and infrastructure
Igor flooded several homes and destroyed roads and infrastructure

Some Canadians describe Hurricane Igor as the worst storm ever. It even topped the list for The Weather Network's storms of 2010.

And while those in Atlantic Canada may cringe at the name, Igor will not be used again in the future.

The World Meteorological Organization's hurricane committee retired the names Igor and Tomas from the rotation list because of the deaths and damage they caused in 2010.

A list of potential names for tropical cyclones is issued every six years for the Atlantic and Pacific basins. Igor and Tomas would have both appeared in the Atlantic list in 2016, but now they will no longer be used. Ian and Tobias will replace Igor and Tomas.

Igor hit the province of Newfoundland on September 21, 2010 as a Category one storm, dropping over 200 mm of rain in some places. Wind gusts of nearly 140 km/h were also recorded at St. John's International Airport.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Tomas brought widespread damage throughout the Caribbean including the island of St. Lucia. Flooding rains and landslides were reported in Haiti as well.

The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1 and runs until November 30.

This week, the Canadian Federal government announced that it is funding the repair of harbours damaged by Hurricane Igor. Money will also be used to repair storm damage in parts of Quebec, Manitoba and other parts of Atlantic Canada. Another 800-thousand dollars will be earmarked to repair damaged coast guard navigation equipment.

With files from NOAA and Lyndsay Morrison

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