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Ice roads opening in northern Ontario

Travel on an ice road. File photo.
Travel on an ice road. File photo.

Lisa Varano, staff writer

January 25, 2011 — Cold weather in northern Ontario has allowed some ice roads to open for the winter.

Cold temperatures last Sunday
Cold temperatures last Sunday

There is now a way to get to places that can only be reached by air at other times of year. Ice roads have opened for the season in northern Ontario, linking remote communities to each other by land.

Bitter cold -- such as recent temperatures below -30C or -40C before the wind chill -- make it possible to have roads on frozen lakes.

In northwestern Ontario, some ice roads linking First Nations recently reopened to light vehicle traffic. However, heavy supply transport and fuel trucks haven't been permitted.

People in remote communities in Ontario's north rely on ice roads to deliver supplies that would be costly to import by air.

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