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Igor 's fierce winds getting stronger

September 21, 2010 — With Hurricane Igor hitting Newfoundland, The Weather Network's meteorologist Chris Scott has been keeping a close eye on the storm.

Upwards of 200 mm of rain is flooding some areas
Upwards of 200 mm of rain is flooding some areas

Chris Scott, meteorologist

Serious flooding is occurring on much of the Burin and parts of the Avalon and Bonavista Peninsulas.

While St. Johnís is avoiding the epic rain, other communities are not. As of 9:30 am NDT, St. Lawrence has seen 202 mm in 24 hours (12.6 mm fell in the previous 24 hours for a grand total so far of 214.6 mm). That is over 8 inches or rain.

To put this into some context, Saskatoon sees about 265 mm of rain in an entire year. Parts of the Burin and western Avalon could total more than this in one storm.

The heaviest rain is almost done as the centre of Igorís circulation is now passing just east of the Avalon Peninsula. While showers will continue this afternoon, the pounding rain will taper.

However, flooding will continue as water sheds off the hillsides, this is a very dangerous situation. Fast-moving water can kill, and we encourage everyone to stay well clear of any flooding.

Hurricane force winds causing damage
Hurricane force winds causing damage

The story so far has been the incredible rain, but the wind will compete for headlines this afternoon and early evening.

At this point Igor is no longer a hurricane, and is now a post-tropical system, still with hurricane force winds.

What this means is that the strongest winds are no longer right around the centre of the storm, and the wind field continues to broaden meaning all of eastern Newfoundland will be affected by strong winds.

Our forecast team expects that winds could gust close to 150 km/h this afternoon across eastern Newfoundland around the Burin, Bonavista, and Avalon Peninsulas.

This will be a brutally raw northwest wind capable of downing trees, knocking out power, and causing some minor structural damage.

This will likely be the worst of the storm for St. Johnís. Itís Igorís wicked one-two punch. Once the rain starts to taper off, the wind will start to hammer.

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