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In weather history: Quebec landslide 1971

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

May 4, 2011 — As parts of southern Quebec deal with flooding, The Weather Network takes a look back at a landslide that hit the province 40 years ago.

30 homes were destroyed in the slide
30 homes were destroyed in the slide

On May 4, 1971, a low pressure system covered most of Quebec. It rained for 3 consecutive days.

The soil was already weak from the spring thaw. A major landslide hit the community of Saint-Jean-Vianney, 200 km north of Quebec City. The crater was 300 metres across and more than 30 metres deep.

30 homes, 15 cars and a bus were all pulled in the slide. 31 people were killed - most of them trapped in homes and cars.

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