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G7 Leaders Enjoy Dog Sledding in Canadian Arctic

February 6, 2010 — Under sunny skies and a temperature around minus 15, world finance leaders had some fun in Iqaluit before getting down to business.

It's a must-do when you visit Canada's far north.

On Friday, officials from the seven richest industrialized countries began their finance summit by bundling up and enjoying a good old-fashioned dog sled ride.

The sun was shining and the temperature hovered around minus 15 degrees; but with the windchill, it felt much colder than that.

Following the outdoor activities, the G7 officials were treated to a dinner of local specialties, including Arctic char and roast caribou medallions.

The world leaders are visiting the capital of Nunavut for a finance summit. Topping their agenda is Europe's deepening debt crisis.

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