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Is weather affecting your image?

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

December 8, 2010 — According to a recent study, we can increase our earning potential by just wearing the right clothes. So, how do you dress for those tough winter days?

Dress for success
Dress for success

We all use the weather to help us get ready for work and school. We also check to forecast to help us decide how to dress.

“The awesome thing about weather now is we have access to long range forecasts; online or on television which can really help give us a solid idea of what to wear!” says Chantal Carter of Real Reflections Image Consulting.

Carter believes that that step - deciding what to wear - is crucial to your overall image.

“Successful people portray the right image; they plan,” says Carter. “If it’s going to rain a woman might not want to wear a skirt or you might not want to wear your suede shoes so a little planning can really help you choose the right outfit.”

The key is to keep things simple, yet professional.

Since many Canadians suffer from SAD in the winter months, Carter suggests adding colour to yuor wardrobe.

Colours can help boost your mood in the winter
Colours can help boost your mood in the winter

“[It] can really uplift you and energize you,” she says. “For example men; a bright tie or a bright pocket square. For women; a bright blouse or sweater, that can really help elevate your mood.”

Carter says crafting the ideal wardrobe for your lifestyle and activity can optimize your success.

“There is a Gallup study that shows somebody who is dressed professionally, portraying the right image has an increased earning potential of eight percent.”

Wondering what to wear to work or school this week? Be sure to check your local forecast.

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