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Is your home ready for winter?

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

November 30, 2010 — The official start of winter is still about three weeks away, and that means there's still time to get your house ready for the season.

Reporter Kelly Noseworthy learns how to make sure a home is ready for the winter
Reporter Kelly Noseworthy learns how to make sure a home is ready for the winter

Heavy snow, thick ice and frigid cold temperatures - we get it all here in Canada. And if you're not careful, those kinds of weather conditions can do a number on your home. Especially when it comes to heating costs.

A recent survey done for Direct Energy revealed the majority of Ontarians are concerned about managing their bills this winter so, if you haven’t got your house ready for winter yet, now is the ideal time to do it.

Dave Walton is with Direct Energy. He says there are things you can do to cut costs and protect the environment.

“By adding insulation, by upgrading the furnace and by doing air sealing; whether it be caulking or window/weather stripping on doors, we were able to come up with a combined total of about nine-hundred-eighty dollars in savings,” says Walton. “Change or replace or clean that furnace filter every 90 days. You definitely want to get an annual maintenance done on your equipment to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible.”

Here are some other tips for keeping your home protected this winter from Canadian Tire:

  • Prevention is the best medicine: a furnace is more likely to fail after being dormant all summer long. Test your furnace before the cool weather arrives to ensure everything’s up and running before the first cold snap.
  • Clean or replace your furnace filter: by cleaning or replacing your filter every 2-3 months can protect against a 5-10% energy loss per year.
  • Clean your ducts: cleaning your ducts will enable your home ventilation system to operate more efficiently, while also improving indoor air quality.
  • Get a home energy audit: to identify areas where your home can be more energy efficient – like window and doors, or water consumption. You may also qualify for a provincial rebate if you implement the suggested changes.

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