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Has Winter had Enough?

March 11, 2010 — With record breaking highs and nothing but sun all week, most residents in southern Ontario are wondering if winter is over. Here's meteorologist Chris Scott with the details.

There's one way to describe residents in southern Ontario lately...'lucky.' That from The Weather Network's meteorologist Chris Scott.

Record breaking highs and dry conditions for most of the week haven't given residents in the region much to complain about. But several are still wondering, why the recent mild weather?

“The March sun is amazing. It's just as powerful as it is in September,” says Scott. “So couple that with the fact we don't have any Arctic air coming down from the north pole and we've got the sunshine under high pressure and you've got above normal temperatures.”

All of this sounds more like spring weather. And that leads to the next question.

Is winter over yet?

According to Scott, it's still to early to tell.

“Typically we have to get through the second week of April in southern Ontario to say, hey, that's it we're not going to see any more major storms.”

Temperatures could certainly still get cooler though. “We're looking in our forecast centre here at some trends that would say we're going to go back to some chillier air by the last week in March,” explains Scott.

There's no question that the country on a whole got off a lot easier this winter. On Wednesday, Environment Canada announced that this season was the warmest and driest on record.

For the latest details on your Regional Forecast be sure to tune into The Weather Network on TV. It comes up at the top and bottom of each hour.

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