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Keeping seafood local in Tofino

Michelle Simick, reporter
November 19, 2011 — A growing demand for local, sustainable seafood has been great for business in Tofino.

Trilogy Fish in Tofino is famous for its smoked, locally-caught salmon
Trilogy Fish in Tofino is famous for its smoked, locally-caught salmon

Seafood is a big part of any restaurant menu in Tofino.

The only problem is, most of the fish caught right off the town’s own shores is exported off the island to Vancouver.

But, a local company is working to change that.

Trilogy Fish Company specializes in processing and selling all kinds of seafood, from crab to prawns to halibut.

It is most famous, however, for its varieties of house-smoked salmon. The waterfront business aims to keep local seafood for the locals.

Historically, almost all fish harvested in the area gets sent away for processing, explains John Gilmour, owner of Trilogy Fish.

Restaurants and residents would then have to buy it back -- but not if Gilmour has anything to say about it.

“It can come in just off the docks and then go right out to restaurants and they can prepare it for that evening’s meals,” he says.

“You can come in here, we can cut it up (and) have it ready ... for tourists in town to come by and pick it up, or locals as well.”

Trilogy is also one of the last working waterfront facilities in the resort town. A growing demand for local, sustainable food means this little shack is now racking up some big business.

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