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Kyle Heading to the Maritimes

July 13, 2010 — Damage reported along Nova Scotia's south shore. Heavy rain hitting New Brunswick

Peak wind gusts as of 9 pm ADT:

Baccaro Point: 124 km/h

Halifax Stanfield Int'l Airport: 81 km/h

Yarmouth: 80 km/h

Western Head: 81 km/h

Lunenburg: 81 km/h

The centre of Hurricane Kyle has passed by Yarmouth this evening. The strongest winds will continue to be east of the storm track. The following is a report from Mayor Comeau of Shelburne, Nova Scotia:

“One building down, several trees and branches, hydro outages, storm surge flood section of Dock St., maybe some damage to museum complex from sea water, hydro transformers blowing, dangerous for people to be out walking, RCMP, EMO, Public Works Dept. on patrol, etc, Dock St has been closed under orders by the Mayor.“

The Halifax area will be experiencing the strongest winds over the coming hours with the potential for tree damage and power outages. Many people from PEI have been asking how strong the winds will gust on the island. While damaging gusts cannot be ruled out, I believe most of the island will see gusts less than 70 km/h which would not cause significant damage. As Kyle continues to loose its core of strongest winds, the threat of significant wind damage to New Brunswick decreases, but residents should still prepare for stormy conditions tonight.

Western New Brunswick (near Woodstock) has already seen 50-75 mm of rain from a frontal system well ahead of Kyle. Additional rainfall tonight may cause flooding in areas near the Maine border.

However, it appears that rain will not last long enough over most of Nova Scotia or PEI to cause significant problems. Rainfall in New Brunswick will ease off later tonight. Kyle will weaken overnight into Monday morning with lingering blustery conditions around the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Monday.

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