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Severe storms rip through the Prairies

Thick hail covered the ground in Saskatoon Monday
Thick hail covered the ground in Saskatoon Monday

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

August 16, 2011 — Severe storms in the Prairies continued to fire up for the second day in a row on Monday. This time, Saskatchewan bore the brunt of it all.

Frequent lightning lit up the night sky
Frequent lightning lit up the night sky

A line of severe thunderstorms swept across the Prairies on Sunday, bringing piles of hail to several communities.

In some places, the thick hail that covered the ground made it look more like snow from a winter storm. Loonie to golf ball-sized hail was reported in northern Alberta along with heavy rain and and gusty winds.

The storms continued to track across Saskatchewan and a caller to The Weather Network Stormline said strong winds ripped small branches off trees in Bateman, northwest of Assiniboia.

Another caller from Elfros, Saskatchewan reported a funnel cloud which lasted for about 30 seconds. A tornado touchdown has not been confirmed.

Thunderstorm risk Tuesday
Thunderstorm risk Tuesday

All of the ingredients were there for more severe weather along the Saskatchewan and Manitoba border Monday, prompting Environment Canada to issue thunderstorm watches and warnings.

Saskatoon was pelted with golf ball-sized hail and heavy rain caused localized flooding in the area. Frequent lightning also helped to light up the night sky as the storms barreled through.

“The system will continue to track east on Tuesday affecting parts of southern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario,” says Gina Ressler, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. “Heavy rain, strong winds and hail are likely.”

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