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Snow pushes out of eastern Ontario, southern Quebec, targets Maritimes

Staff writers

February 28, 2013 — People in much of Ontario are woke up to another morning of slushy roads on Thursday, but this time, the worst of the weather was in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec.

Heavy, wet snow piled up through the overnight in southern Ontario (courtesy: Taylor Brooker)
Heavy, wet snow piled up through the overnight in southern Ontario (courtesy: Taylor Brooker)

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The last snowfall warnings in eastern Ontario were dropped early Thursday morning, but several snowfall or blowing snow warnings remained in effect for parts of neighbouring Quebec, including the provincial capital, as the system moved into the Maritimes.

The slow-moving system has already closed schools in New Brunswick and prompted some power outages.

While not as bad as the snowstorm of February 8th, the dense, wet snow that has fallen since Tuesday night has been significant.

Snowfall totals
Snowfall totals

Some parts of Toronto may have received up to 19 cm of snow, while Ottawa reported about 25 cm of snow by 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Around 10,000 homes and businesses were without power in the early morning hours in Ontario, along with several thousand in Quebec. 

The wet snow caused several flight cancellations over the past three days, including flights from the United States, where the storm played a role in at least three deaths.

Although the storm has largely left Ontario and Quebec, some roads are still slick. Drivers are urged to adjust their driving habits accordingly.

You can keep track of the storm by checking the Satellite and Radar maps or visiting the Alerts section of the website.

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