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Wintery mess hits the Maritimes

Staff writers
March 15, 2012 — A mix of rain, freezing rain and snow have been falling across the Maritimes leading to poor road conditions and school closures.

Snow continues through Thursday afternoon
Snow continues through Thursday afternoon

Mild temperatures and sunny skies had Maritimers using any excuse to get outside earlier this week.

By Tuesday however, most people were trading in their sunglasses for a snow shovel.

Parts of New Brunswick started to see snow pile up late Tuesday before changing to freezing rain by the early morning hours on Wednesday.

That was enough for numerous schools across the province to cancel classes for the day. Several buses also reported delays to the morning pick-up.

The precipitation changed back over to snow across New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island through the overnight hours with a general 5-10 cm reported in all three provinces.

"Some of those totals were a little less than anticipated because of the freezing rain that mixed in," says Rob Davis, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "So the actual snowfall accumulations on the ground were only a couple of centimetres."

Poor road conditions reported across the Maritimes
Poor road conditions reported across the Maritimes

The snow is expected to continue through the afternoon and evening hours Thursday, which could make for poor conditions on the roads.

The snowfall has also caused delays and closures in many school districts in New Brunswick for the second day in a row.

What's left of the system will then track into Newfoundland on Thursday night with a mix of rain and freezing rain forecast through Friday.

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