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Mow Down Pollution Program

April 27, 2010 — Mow Down Power program is designed to encourage Canadians to retire their old lawn and garden equipment. Watch the video to the left to learn how lawn mowers can impact the environment from Program Director of Summerhill, Naomi Resnick.

The Mow Down Pollution Program was created by Summerhill Impact and Home Depot Canada. The program has been running for nine years and it's retired and recycled over 34,000 gas powered lawn equipment.

The result of the program is staggering!

Over 11 hundred metric tonnes of greenhouse gas and smog forming emissions have been prevented thanks to the green initiative put forth by the Mow Down program.

This year marks the tenth anniversary --and the goal for this year is to bring in 10,000 pieces of old lawn equipment.

If you're interested in participating in the Mow Down Pollution Program please click on the related link above.

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