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Leslie: Canada’s First Tropical Storm of 2012

Chris St. Clair, Weather Broadcaster
September 10, 2012 — A team of Weather Network meteorologists, television and web programmers have put in place a plan to make sure that Canadians know how to stay safe during "Leslie."

Leslie's forecast track through Tuesday
Leslie's forecast track through Tuesday

Reporter's Notebook:

Leslie has been roaming the Atlantic for over a week now. Its strength has ebbed and grown in the past several days.

Yesterday, the weather changed. The massive area of high pressure that held Leslie to the south of Atlantic Canada is now pulling the storm towards us. It will be the biggest storm of the season.

Leslie is presently a tropical storm, passing Bermuda and headed north towards Canadian waters at about 11 km/h. This storm is likely to gain more strength in the warm waters off of eastern Canada and wind speeds are expected to be at least 100 km/h. 

Right now our reporters are on the beaches of Nova Scotia, our Tweeters report warm conditions, but the wind is picking up. The surf is building and beneath the water, dangerous and life threatening currents are at play. Beware of the water for the next few days - warnings for your safety are in place.

Cameraman Dwayne Oud and I are headed for St. John’s Newfoundland to report LIVE Monday night on The Weather Network on TV and on as the winds begin to increase.

We’ll be on Signal Hill, at Cape Spear and on Duckworth Street in St. John’s to show you how powerful Leslie has become.

We’re on our way with several cameras and a portable weather station to track the storm. Plus, we’ve also arranged to talk to some Newfoundlanders who will join us to tell you exactly what these storms are like to live with.

We hope you can watch and learn more about Atlantic storms and our amazing country, Canada!

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