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Lifejacket safety on the water

Staff writers
May 15, 2012 — On May 17, the Canadian Red Cross marks National Lifejacket Day. It's an annual campaign to promote the use of lifejackets for outdoor boating activities.

Everyone on board should be properly fitted with a lifejacket
Everyone on board should be properly fitted with a lifejacket

As the weather continues to get warmer and we inch closer to the summer season, more people are starting to put their boats in the water.

Many Canadians like to enjoy the summer season out on the water, but officials say that tragic and avoidable boating-relating accidents occur every year.

One way to help prevent the number of fatalities is by wearing a lifejacket or personal floatation device.

Aileen Nauss is with the Canadian Red Cross. She says it's important to own a lifejacket based on what activity or water sport you're doing.

"If you are a frequent boater then you get the lifejacket tailored to your activitiy. So if you are a kayaker there is a specific one for kayaking because you move. If you are a fisherman then you have a different one that you wear so that you will still be able to be close and fish," says Nauss.

Nauss adds that everyone on board should be properly fitted with a lifejacket before heading out on the water.

"You know people say I will put it on as I go into the water. Well, try to imagine putting on your seat belt as you are heading to a crash. It's the same thing. Wear it and prevent a fatality," says Nauss.

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