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Lightning kills Ottawa man

Collapsed vender tents at St. Jacobs' market Saturday
Collapsed vender tents at St. Jacobs' market Saturday

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

September 6, 2011 — An Ottawa man was killed early Sunday morning after being struck by lightning.

Lightning strikes can be fatal
Lightning strikes can be fatal

In some parts of Ontario, the last long weekend of the summer brought severe and deadly storms.

An isolated severe thunderstorm slammed the rural community of St. Jacobs Saturday and tore down an afternoon market in the area. The same cell caused widespread damage in nearby Kitchener-Waterloo where winds knocked down fences and snapped large tree branches.

The cold front helped spawn an F0 tornado in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec on Sunday bringing the total number of confirmed tornadoes in the province this season to four. Roofs were torn off some houses, and hundreds of trees were uprooted.

No injuries were reported where the tornado moved through, but tragically, the storm turned deadly when an Ottawa man was struck by lightning on Sunday morning.

Police say the 26-year-old man was sleeping in a tent at Whispering Pines Campground, about 80 km west of Ottawa, when a bolt of lightning hit a tree and was conducted down through the ground. The victim was rushed to Hawkesbury General Hospital where he died just before 9 am Sunday.

Inside the tent with him was his girlfriend and their baby who both received only minor injuries.

Every year approximately 10 Canadians die from lightning strikes and between 100 and 150 more are injured. Lightning is extremely dangerous and The Weather Network offers these tips to help you stay safe when lightning strikes.

You can also stay updated on the thunderstorm potential by tuning into The Weather Network on TV.

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