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Make your home a haven this winter

Staying organized can help you embrace the winter season
Staying organized can help you embrace the winter season

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

Professional Organizers in Canada say re-arranging your home through the winter months can help turn it into a haven.

Preventative maintenance allows you the time to do fun winter activities like skiing
Preventative maintenance allows you the time to do fun winter activities like skiing

The winter season has some Canadians packing their bags and planning a trip to the Caribbean. Between cold temperatures and the stress involved with keeping things organized, it often seems easier to just skip the Canadian winter all together. And while the beach and white sand seems like the perfect escape, simply organizing your home can make it a haven of your own.

“Some of my clients have told me that they feel like their homes are hostile environments,” says Kristie Demke, President of Professional Organizers in Canada. “And in the summer or the spring and it's nice and you're spending time at the cabin, you can avoid that a little bit. But in the winter time, we're here in our homes and we're spending a lot of time inside because the weather is not conducive to go outside. We're hibernating a little bit more. And that's why it's more important than ever to make sure your house is working well for you.”

That's where the Professional Organizers come in, says Demke. They help people to make the most of their space, time and energy. “Organizing is just a way of simplifying and improving your life.”

A common pattern that people fall into during the winter months is making a spare room or garage a dumping ground for all of those things that don't necessarily have a 'home.' Then as Demke has witnessed, home owners often wish they could get their car into the garage when snowstorms barrel through.

“But when it's dark in the morning and 30 below and you're scraping windows, all the junk in your garage that you don't really need doesn't seem like much of a priority.” She says although the task may seem daunting, thinning out the things you don't need will give you immediate rewards like being able to park in a warm garage when the winds are howling outside.

Preventative maintenance between seasons can also go a long way.

“When the seasons change, spend an hour getting the winter wear out of the mud room and putting away the snow boots and bringing out the rain boots and making sure the umbrellas are there. Even change the sports equipment right away, so swap the hockey equipment for the baseball equipment,” suggests Demke.

You can find out more about how to get organized by visiting Professional Organizers in Canada. You can also find out what the rest of this winter season will bring your way by checking out the Mid-winter update across Canada.

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