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Light Snow Continues in Atlantic Canada

February 21, 2010 — Old Man Winter continues to tighten his grip on Newfoundland and the Maritimes.

For the third weekend in a row, people in Newfoundland are cleaning up and digging out.

The province was hit with yet another low pressure system on Friday -- one that brought heavy snow, gusty winds and freezing rain to some places.

St. John's was spared the worst of it, but schools and roads were closed in the Burin Peninsula.

That storm has now tapered off, but coastal areas are continuing to see snow this weekend. Some communities may see up to 20 centimetres by the time all is said and done on Monday.

Michelle Cassar is a Meteorologist with The Weather Network. She says El Nino is part of the reason it has been so stormy in Atlantic Canada.

'It's really due to the pattern that we're seeing. An area of high pressure over Greenland keeps blocking low pressure systems from moving out to sea, and as a result, they keep retrograding back over Atlantic Canada,' says Cassar. 'This isn't unusual for an El Nino pattern.'

While it may be stormy in some parts of Atlantic Canada, it's been quite mild in others. Fredericton is forecast to climb above the freezing mark this afternoon, and that could affect the city's 'Winterfest' celebration. The festival was already postponed last month due to flooding and a lack of snow.

All weekend, you've been sending in your storm photos. For that, we thank you! If you have winter photos or videos that you'd like to share, make sure you upload them to our 'Your Weather Gallery.'

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